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The Only 100% Organic Soil Based Container Farm

Top 5 benefits
  • Guaranteed Organic Certified

  • Highest nutrition and taste

  • Lowest cost of operation

  • Greatest grow volume - 50% to 200% more

  • Local - can be grown anywhere!

About Our Organic Soil Based Grow Containers

We value organic soil to grow produce vibrant in flavor and rich in nutrients.  To combat today’s chemical and hydroponic compromises, our engineers designed the 100% organic soil based container farm outfitted with patented technologies to provide the perfect grow environment all day, every day … anywhere.  

We’re not hydroponic – we’re terraponic.

This means that produce is grown in soil using organic methods so that the produce qualifies for organic certification.  Chemical-laden field farms cannot qualify nor can hydroponic farms qualify for organic certification. Furthermore, our soil is packed with micronutrients no longer found in field farms and the Container minimizes use of water and energy.   With this controlled and optimized environment, we’re able to produce farming yields that far surpass that of our competitors.


The Grow Process

The process begins by selecting seeds and planting a separate harvest each week. This ensures a continual flow of produce, with harvests each week throughout the year.

Depending on the variety of produce grown, production translates to anywhere from 300 to 750 pounds of produce per week for a single container, depending on container size. That’s 1,200 to 3,000 pounds every 28 days!

Quantity-wise, this equates to about 3,500 plants in a 20-foot container, 7,500 in a 40-foot, and 10,000 plants in a 53-foot container per month. Again, variety of plant is a factor. For example, where 7,500 romaine lettuce heads may be expected in our 40-foot container, you can also expect about 9,500 basil plants in the same space.

The overall field equivalent is about 2-4 acres in a year’s harvest, per container.

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