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Cannabis Prefab Containers

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WeeCanGrow Containers are the leader in the controlled environment cannabis cultivation industry. Our Containers provide the cannabis industry with turn-key cultivation and processing solutions for every stage of growth, all housed in up-cycled shipping containers.

Our custom, prefabricated grow facilities are designed to help operations of all sizes scale with the market. Our units are great for any climate, with a 100% climate controlled environment. Our Containers can be placed anywhere from an indoor warehouse to an outdoor setting in both the freezing winter and hot summer.

All units come equipped with remote monitoring climate control systems, LED lighting, and airflow systems. Additional sensors and controls can be implemented upon request.

Our equipment has applications with cultivation operations of all sizes, allowing small and emerging businesses to start or scale inexpensively and giving larger businesses an opportunity to efficiently take advantage of their space and resources.

Get growing faster than ever with WeeCannGrow Containers!

All units are made in the USA by fabrication professionals and put quality of the finished product at the highest priority. 

WeeCannGrow Prefab Containers provide modular, secure, turnkey facilities for cultivation operations of all sizes.

Units Provided:

  • Flower

  • Vegetative

  • Clone

  • Drying/Curing

  • Processing & Packaging

  • Office/Security

  • Extraction

WeeCannGrow Containers are designed for all aspects of the cannabis cultivation process. Our  solutions offer growers a scalable, turnkey solution that can be tailored to a growers specific needs.

We have designed facilities for all size grows and designed equipment for special projects, in both the cannabis and vertical farming industries. 

By combining the capabilities and elements of each WeeCannGrow unit, we can successfully design and implement a facility for a cultivation operation of any size. We have equipment that suits growers of large scale, medium sized grows, quick start projects, and R&D (research and development) farms. Our facilities are secure, scalable, and effective, with industry leading inputs from industry leading partners, we are able to bring extremely high end facilities to the market. Our Containers have the ability to outfit existing warehouse structures or construct a new outdoor facility. 
All facilities are designed and manufactured with speed to market in mind. 

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