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The Lower Canopy & Side Lighting

​With our inter-lighting light grow system, light energy is delivered exactly where it is needed:  to the plant canopy.  The more even lighting coverage across the canopy leads to uniform and consistent harvests over time.  

It increases the quality yield of plant products.

Using our easy to operate Bluetooth APP, it allows intelligently adaptive lighting to the needs of the plants through real-time spectrum regulation and intensity adjustment.  Our system comes in four different applications with specific optic variants.  By maximizing the amount of light across a growing surface, we can minimize light loss, which saves energy and increases yields by putting more photons of light where they matter most - your plants.  Our philosophy is to not force the light into the canopy but through intelligent and practical design to take it directly into the canopy.  It radiates the correct spectrum from both outside as well as inside the plant canopy, assuring uniform light distribution, even growth, more buds per square foot and greater yield with a smaller energy footprint.   Auxiliary outputs, lower canopy, UV and Laser optimization.

The WeeCannGrow Bar

The WeeCannGrow Bar is an ideal inter-lighting grow light between plants.  Having LEDs on both sides, it can light two rows of plants at the same time.  With aluminum housing, it can get better heat dissipation without harming the green leaves.

Our flexible design allows greater control over the plant growth process.  Also, inter-lighting connection provides ease of installation.

Bar Specifications

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  • Having LEDs on both sides, can light two rows of plants

  • 1.2M (3.93' feet) can do 75W and 2.4M (7.87 feet) can do 100W & 150W, suitable size for greenhouse.

  • IP65, daisy chained, takes male & female plug, easy to link one by one, can link 20 pieces in one line.

  • Customized spectrum

  • Excellent supplemental lighting

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The WeeCannGrow Vtube

  • Having LEDs on both sides, it can light two rows of plants

  • Lower canopy reach

  • IP65, daisy chained, takes male & female plug

  • Customized spectrum

  • Good supplemental lighting for vertical farming

Vtube 2 edited.png

Vtube Specifications

Vtube Specs.JPG
Vtube 4 edited.png
Vtube 3.JPG

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466 Central Ave., Suite 14

Dover, NH  03820


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