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LED Grow Panels - A Revolutionary Laser/LED Grow System for the Commercial Grower

Our advanced modular system has the largest single panel footprint of any grow light system available today. It has been designed as a modular system with each unit in the panel able to be directed where the light is needed, with programmable light spectrums.

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Advance Light Specs updated new picture.
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Advance Light Dimensions.JPG


  • Wireless Control

  • Multiple system equipment control

  • Bluetooth control via phone or Ipad

  • Works with IOS or Android

  • On/off manual dimmer lighting control

  • Switchable for full lighting

  • High quality switching power supply

  • Modular design

  • Fully adjustable for veg and bloom

  • All SMT, no wires

  • All COB/RB with 510nm green

  • Lower Canopy light auxiliary controlled

  • Unique laser grow system

  • Each module batch or individually addressable

  • IP65

  • No moving parts

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Carbon & Gold for the Retail and Consumer Grower

WeeCannGrow Carbon

70W, 8400LM, IP65 Rated

WeeCannGrow Gold

110W, 13200LM, IP65 Rated

These LED Grow Light fitting are state-of-the-art and include blue, red, and white light (bandwidth selectable), UV, and Laser components to enhance the growth and health of plants.  The accompanying Bluetooth enabled application allows the lights to be programmed to different growth phases and is fully controllable with programmable day/night cycles and light balance.  The units have an external Bluetooth-enabled driver module that can control up to 30 lamps at a time giving better control over the light cycles in a large growing area.

Our Gold light includes an integrated CO2 chamber to further boost plant growth.


Our system delivers perfect uniformity of light intensity and color delivered to the entire plant canopy.  Our even uniformity ensures consistent growth and yield for all the plants within your grow space, not just those near the center (eliminates hot spots).  Since our technology allows the combination of 3 LED chips of different grow spectrum wavelengths within a .4 inch package, perfect color blending is achieved directly beneath the emitting surface of the fixture. Other LED fixture manufacturers are forced to alternate LEDs with different wavelengths along the fixture emitting surface - sometimes as much as 3 inches apart. This design restriction results in uneven color uniformity on the plant canopy and therefore, uneven plant growth and yields.

Instead of trying to force the light into the canopy, we take the light into the canopy.

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