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One Spectrum
Our G4 Spectrum gives you 100% absorption efficiency

WeeCannGrow brings you the same PAR output from 6' away as a 1000w HPS from 4' away.


  • LED Grow Lights last 6 times as long.

  • Energy savings range from 50% to 70% over HID lights.

  • No cooling necessary, and no plant burn.

  • LED Grow Lights are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

  • Maximum chlorophyll absorption and flower production.

  • Less frequent watering

  • LED directional lighting requires no reflectors.


According to NASA, when plants are exposed to single light spectrum throughout all stages of growth, they can grow up to 30% faster and produce up to 50% higher yields, so a carefully calibrated spectrum the whole way through gives the  best results.  At 4X the yield of High Pressure Sodium (per watt), nothing grows your plants faster or stronger. 

Perfection after more than eight years of research, the G4 Spectrum is comprised of 10% blue, 15% green and 75% red light.  G4 gives your plants everything they need for all photosynthetic processes.  We then add in far-red light to supercharge the growth rates, and speed up the entire growth cycle using green light to satisfy the quantum effect.  Our science gives you up to 4X the yield of HID.


The WeeCannGrow Brackett is able to hold 1, 2, 3, or 4 of our Grow Light bars.  You can arrange your space for Max penetration, Max coverage, or somewhere inbetween.  Arrange you space to your liking. 

Quiet Growing

We have created technology capable of cooling high power 3W LEDs without the need for fans.  Our engineers have finally achieved that goal.  

WeeCannGrow operates in silence while maintaining optimal LED temps below 125F.  It is the only high-power solution for indoor growers that does not add noise to your operation.

Heat Sink

Introducing our innovative Heat Sink!

Introducing our rugged heat sink at 5lbs. 5 feet, and made of the highest thermal grade aluminum for maximum heat dissipation. 

The heat sink doubles as the casting which reduces manufacturing costs but provides active and passive cooling.  Our magnetic closure system allows you to open your light for service in seconds.


2012 - World Record #2 for Highest Yield per Autoflower

2011 - World Record #1 for Highest Yield per Autoflower


 WeeCannGrow Lights are Endorsed By:

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466 Central Ave., Suite 14

Dover, NH  03820

Tel: 603-742-1119



466 Central Ave., Suite 14

Dover, NH  03820

Tel: 603-742-1119

100% Recyclable

Every part to make SS is non-hazardous and fully-recyclable, helping you do your part to keep our planet green.

Assembled in the USA

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