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The Only 100% Organic Soil Based Container Farm

Our Container

Our primary offering is the deployable, modular  Container. Designed from the universal shipping container, it has the capacity to be transported globally to customers in varying locations, as well as areas of social distress and disaster relief. We are currently offering the Victory Class Container, which comes in three sizes — 20-foot, 40-foot, and 53-foot, also known as the V20, V40, and V50 respectively.

Each comes with the same features and components fully outfitted for the perfect growing environment. The local power grid our containers operate on can be plugged into a simple 120v outlet and has a 40% rate of reduced energy consumption. Conversely, containers can also operate independently using an ultra-quiet diesel/biofuel generator, or for extended time with onboard Lithium Ion batteries. Future versions of the Container will incorporate alternative energy solutions such as solar panels and wind turbine technologies, taking them fully off-grid.  Each Container comes with a fully controllable environmental system, allowing management of lighting, temperature, water, and air filtration for the perfect day every day. We have incorporated a number of grow apparatus to not only maximize 

produce yield, but ensure it’s the quality you deserve. For example, hydroponics lack the texture we desire. Our internal wind system mimics the natural breezes of traditional farms to give produce that crunch we love. Our pink LED lighting emits only the rays that plants use, thereby reducing light energy consumption by 68%. Our recycling water system reduces water consumption by 80%. And our internal composting unit recycles soil.

Deployment, itself, is made easy with a self-leveling system, and multiple Containers can be modularized to create the perfect grow space.

Harvest yields vary depending on the produce grown and apparatus used, but as a standard you can expect a much greater volume per square foot than traditional farms and hydroponic containers. A typical 40-foot Container can grow more than 7,500 plants per month resulting in more than 700 pounds of produce a week! 

Planting in weekly intervals ensures a continual harvest throughout the year, translating to 300 to 750 pounds of produce a week, depending on container size and variety grown. That’s 1,200 to 3,000 pounds every 28 days and 2 to 4 acres a year … in a single container.  Keep in mind that any number of units can be placed on premise, stacked two units high.

The following is a standard floor plan of our 40-foot container. Keep in mind that containers are customizable to your own specifications.

Each container is fully insulated, and is equipped with non-skid flooring, hydraulic leveling, fully automated grow apparatus, lighting, irrigation, and air management subsystems.


Energy consumption is reduced by 68% with precise LED lighting. Only light spectrums needed by plants are emitted. Light and dark interval timing is regulated automatically to maximize growth.


Our patented grow modules provide optimal growth and irrigation. Grow racks allow for varying produce. Trellises are available for vine vegetables.

While competitors rely on conventional power consumption requiring 220v, our systems utilize a patented magnetic-assisted motor that allows our Container to be plugged in a standard 120v outlet. The ease of use is undeniable. The added benefit, however, is a 40% reduction in energy consumption.

Estimated Produce Grown for restaurants per 40’ container

Number of restaurants varies:

  • Small restaurant (25 tables or less, primarily dinner):  15 to 30

  • Medium restaurant (up to 50 tables, lunch and dinner):  10

  • Large restaurant (50+ tables, lunch and dinner, or salad focus):  3

Example of Custom Container Specs

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