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Wee   Cann   Grow
 Cannabis LED Grow Light  
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  • 3W High Powered LEDs

  • 3X Lens Technology

  • Integrated Wiring Harnessess

  • Modular Build

  • Deepest Penetration

  • Massive Heat Sinks

  • Power ConnectLow

  • Low Maintenance Cost

  • High Efficiency

Cannabis Grow Light Features

Our LED Grow Light uses cutting edge technology that produces maximum sustainable yield for indoor growers who are determined to fulfill the maximum yield.  It has the capability of supporting plants up to 72" high, and it's made of high grade aluminum so your casing will never rust.  Our unique 3X lens achieves 50% deeper penetration than HID lights, and uses 60% less energy.

LEDs get more powerful each year, but there is a limit to how much PAR a plant can absorb.  Because of this, we have widened the viewing angle on the new 3X lens, allowing for more coverage with the same intensity as past lenses.

It is the light of choice for maximum yield cannabis farmers, holding 3 consecutive world records for the highest yield ever achieved on a single auto-flower variety.  

WeeCannGrow LED remains undefeated in side by side grow competitions for 8 years running.  No HID or LED Grow Light has ever surpassed our products since the first one was released in 2009.  It is designed to be the last grow light you'll ever purchase.



466 Central Ave., suite 14

Dover, NH  03820


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