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WeeCannGrow - Featured Technology

LED Grow Light for Cannabis

LED Laser Grow Light

for Cannabis & Veggies

LED Grow Container for

Vegetables & Fruit

Prefab Grow Container for Cannabis

About Us

Helping Businesses / Helping The Planet

We strive to help businesses solve their inefficient energy concerns by enabling them to capitalize  on huge savings,  while being more energy efficient.  

All of our technology meets that criteria.


Nutrient based food

Our soil based grow containers are 100% certified organic and are equipped with everything you need for nutritious and great tasting food.  

They can be transported anywhere for growing all year round.

WeeCannGrow - 466 Central Ave., Dover, NH  03820  603-742-1119

IMMI Energy

We are a solution base energy efficiency company specializing in LED lighting, and advanced LED grow lights for cannabis and vegetables. 

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